Cool papers about information visualization

These days I read some cool papers about information visualization, especially in scientific study. Balancing Systematic and Flexible Exploration of Social Networks Summary: This paper discusses a system called SocialAction, which allows users to systematically analyze social networks. SocialAction allows users to use a variety of techniques, such as attribute ranking, filtering, and graphing, to

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Norving’s Spelling corrector 用Python写一个简单的拼写检查器

Note: if you are an experienced programmer, it will not help. This post is suitable for those who have little programming background and need detailed explanations, like me. 最近在上Python的课,老师介绍了一个经典的用贝叶斯实现简单的单词拼写检查的例子。为了弄懂到底在讲什么,像我这种设计背景没编程基础的只能一句一句抠咯。本文适合和我一样没什么基础的,专业程序员们请绕道。

Does type of modified output correspond to learner noticing of feedback?

For the poster presentation of the course Language and Cognition, I read this paper Does type of modified output correspond to learner noticing of feedback? A closer look in face-to-face and computer-mediated task-based interaction written by Laura Gurzynski-Weiss and Melissa Baralt on Applied Psycholinguistics. Abstract This study examines if the types learners modify output differentially demonstrates

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Public Interfaces in China — A Cross-Cultural Study

Abstract As humans we live and interact across a highly complicated physical world. The relationship among citizens and machines and the external environment are transforming by rapidly growing technologies, especially in a developing country. This article discusses public interfaces in China and offers three cases study in China and western countries. The analysis shows public

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